Please Please Me

Please Please Me

  1. I Saw Her Standing There

  2. Misery

  3. Anna (Go To Him) (Alexander)

  4. Chains (Goffin/King)

  5. Boys (Dixon/Farrell)

  6. Ask Me Why

  7. Please Please Me

  8. Love Me Do

  9. P.S. I Love You

  10. Baby It's You (David/Williams/Bacharach)

  11. Do You Want To Know A Secret?

  12. A Taste Of Honey (Scott/Marlow)

  13. There's A Place

  14. Twist And Shout(Medley/Russell)

All songs written by Lennon/McCartney unless otherwise indicated.


In discussing the Beatles, one question seems to come up regarding when and where did Brian Epstein come across this group of four leather jacketed musicians. One widely reported story was that a Liverpool teenager named Raymond Jones walked into Brian's NEMS record store inquiring about a single called My Bonnie by The Beatles. Brian didn't have the record in stock, so when he researched the record's origin, he traced it back to a local Liverpool group playing just a few yards from his NEMS music store at a club called the Cavern. He visits them, and thus ends up becoming their manager.

The other story doesn't involve a teenager, but rather the editor of a popular local music newspaper whose name was Bill Harry. Brian had been ordering copies of Bill's Mersey Beat newspaper for his store, only to see it being sold out constantly. Brian saw one particular issue concerning the Beatles recording session in Hamburg with singer Tony Sheridan. "Beatles Sign Recording Contract" the headline said, so Brian contacted Bill Harry, and arranged to visit the Beatles who were doing a lunchtime gig at the Cavern.

On November 9, 1961, Brian went to the lunchtime gig at the Cavern and spoke to the Beatles in their dressing room. After this initial meeting, two other meetings took place between the band and Brian, and on December 10, 1961 it was agreed that Brian Epstein become the Beatles manager. One of Brian's first priorites involved cleaning up the Beatles' stage act. Instead of wearing leather jackets, Brian put the Beatles into matching suits and ties. In addition, there was to be no cursing, joking, eating, or drinking on stage. And after each song, the Beatles were required to bow together.

One other priority Brian needed to do was secure the Beatles a recording contract. Brian went around to all the major record labels in London only to be shown the door (One label, Decca Records did allow the Beatles to audition, but were turned down). After numerous attempts to get The Beatles a recording contract, Brian came across an old acquaintance in London by the name of Sid Coleman. Brian visited Sid in his offices at EMI records. After talking about the Beatles, and listening to an acetate of the group, Sid expressed some interest in the music, so he phoned George Martin who was the A&R man at Parlophone records.

After listening to the acetates of the Beatles and talking with Brian Epstein, George Martin decided he needed to hear the group audition in person. Brian made it clear to George Martin that he wanted a recording contract. A date was set for the audition.

On June 6, 1962, The Beatles met with George Martin at EMI's Abbey Road studios in London for an audition. Upon hearing the Beatles at the audition, George felt that while the music wasn't really great, there might be something there, so he decided to go ahead and sign the Beatles to Parlophone records.

The Beatles recorded two singles, Please Please Me b/w Ask Me Why, and Love Me Do b/w P.S I Love You. After the success of Please Please Me, it was decided that an album should be made to capitalize on the success of the single. The album Please Please Me consisted of the two released singles along with 10 other songs being used by the Beatles as part of their stage act at the time. The recording session was started on February 11, 1963 and completed in a 9 1/2 hour session on the same day.

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