Beatles Photo Gallery


Welcome to Apple Scruffs Fab Four Photos. Here is a collection of Beatles photos for your enjoyment and entertainment. Click on the individual picture below and enjoy!!

  1. In the studio working on Sgt. Pepper
  2. Childhood photo of John Lennon
  3. Childhood photo of Paul McCartney
  4. Childhood photo of George Harrison
  5. Childhood photo of Ringo Starr
  6. Beatles on British T.V talk show
  7. Look magazine cover photo (1968)
  8. Cartoon Beatles from Yellow Submarine
  9. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan (1964)
  10. Beatles pose in a field (1969)
  11. Early photo of Paul playing a guitar
  12. John, Paul, George, Stu, and Pete!!
  13. Group photo w/Paul hiding from camera
  14. Group Photo (1964)
  15. Beatles bowing after song
  16. Group photo (1968)
  17. Fab Four performing in color
  18. Beatles up on the roof (1969)
  19. John awaiting reporter's question
  20. Beatles and George Martin with gold record
  21. George with Patti Boyd
  22. Performing in the movie Help!
  23. Group shot (1968)
  24. Early photo of John, Paul and George
  25. Group photo (1965)
  26. Beatles showing their MBE's


  27. New Beatles Yellow Submarine postage stamp
  28. George practicing accupuncture on John
  29. Beatles performing from Magical Mystery Tour
  30. Beatles performance from A Hard Day's Night
  31. Group photo (1965)
  32. Beatles manager Brian Epstein
  33. Beatles performing at the Cavern Club
  34. Close-up of George Harrison
  35. John and George photo from the Revolver sessions
  36. Beatles producer George Martin in the control room of Abbey Road studios
  37. Another photo of manager Brian Epstein
  38. Beatles in the field during filming for Help!
  39. Lennon and McCartney (in color)
  40. Paul McCartney and girlfriend Jane Asher
  41. Beatles departing from plane in San Francisco (1965)
  42. Ringo with wife Maureen and sons Zak and Jason
  43. Beatles posing inside doorway
  44. Beatles performing at Shea Stadium (1965)
  45. Photos from The White Album
  46. John Lennon on the Ed Sullivan Show (1964)
  47. John and Paul working in the studio (1967)
  48. Beatles sitting around with instruments
  49. The Beatles (group photo)
  50. Beatles publicity picture from A Hard Day's Night
  51. The Beatles with roses
  52. Individual photos of the Beatles
  53. Paul and George (1966)
  54. Beatles photo (1968)
  55. Beatles photo (1969)

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